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John R. Sherwood
President Trump Delivers Address on Afghanistan
President Trump Delivers Address on Afghanistan

President Trump addressed the nation on Afghanistan today.

Key Points Include:

~Decided to stay after campaigning on "getting out"

~We are not nation building

~Withdrawl is dependent on our performance

~Will not announce air strikes or ground strikes

~Will not announce withdrawl

~Thanked men and women of the Military

~Noted the dead at Arlington Cemetary

~Ground will guide strategy

~Cost is not written on blank check

President Trump gave a good speech about Afghanistan and our war efforts there. This is America's longest running war and money wise, the costliest. President Trump addressed the nation for a little over 26 minutes in front of our Military, at Fort Myer, Virginia.


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What Liberals Aren't Talking About With Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. is coming under fire from the left and the MSM for having a meeting a Russian pop star that was suggested by a music publicist. When you read that sentence you realize none of that makes sense but apparently Trump Jr. was told that the pop star (Emin Agalarov) had incriminating evidence against Hillary. Trump Jr. agrees to meet and is happy about the so called "info".

They met and Trump Jr. quickly figured out that there is no information and the meeting ends. Question: Why would she say she had information about Hillary but not provide that information? Why would Trump Jr. agree to meet based on that information knowing it would be not good for him to do so? Trump Jr. wanted the dirt and that's on him for wanting that and if broke the law, he broke the law and should be dealt with accordingly. Still, the question remains, why would this pop star lie and why is there even a pop star involved?

Democrats Running Their Agenda Regardless

If you're paying attention to what's happening, you realize that Democrats are running the agenda not matter who is in office. I'm referring to stories being run since President Trump was elected, Russia, Racist, Incompetence, Etc. The Media/Democrats alternate between these stories when they have pounded one of them into the ground repeatedly.


Since hillBAT lost, she put forth the Russian angle and the media have run with it. I think the reasons are two fold but only one needed to be applied, 01: To tie President Trump to Russia, 02: To create a war with Russia. As you've witnessed neither has worked and have failed miserably. I believe that if hillBAT were elected, she would be pushing for war with Russia, for money, it would weaken us and open us up for other negative things to happen, either abroad or here on our shores.