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John R. Sherwood
Democrats Running Their Agenda Regardless

If you're paying attention to what's happening, you realize that Democrats are running the agenda not matter who is in office. I'm referring to stories being run since President Trump was elected, Russia, Racist, Incompetence, Etc. The Media/Democrats alternate between these stories when they have pounded one of them into the ground repeatedly.


Since hillBAT lost, she put forth the Russian angle and the media have run with it. I think the reasons are two fold but only one needed to be applied, 01: To tie President Trump to Russia, 02: To create a war with Russia. As you've witnessed neither has worked and have failed miserably. I believe that if hillBAT were elected, she would be pushing for war with Russia, for money, it would weaken us and open us up for other negative things to happen, either abroad or here on our shores.

President Trump Delivers Address on Afghanistan

President Trump addressed the nation on Afghanistan today.

Key Points Include:

~Decided to stay after campaigning on "getting out"

~We are not nation building

~Withdrawl is dependent on our performance

~Will not announce air strikes or ground strikes

~Will not announce withdrawl

What Liberals Aren't Talking About With Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. is coming under fire from the left and the MSM for having a meeting a Russian pop star that was suggested by a music publicist. When you read that sentence you realize none of that makes sense but apparently Trump Jr. was told that the pop star (Emin Agalarov) had incriminating evidence against Hillary. Trump Jr. agrees to meet and is happy about the so called "info".

They met and Trump Jr. quickly figured out that there is no information and the meeting ends. Question: Why would she say she had information about Hillary but not provide that information? Why would Trump Jr. agree to meet based on that information knowing it would be not good for him to do so? Trump Jr. wanted the dirt and that's on him for wanting that and if broke the law, he broke the law and should be dealt with accordingly. Still, the question remains, why would this pop star lie and why is there even a pop star involved?

Branding President Trump With Russia

Unless you live under a rock, you've noticed everything from the media is Russia, Russia, Russia. Russia/Trump this, Russia/Trump that, Russia/Trump takes a shit, news at 11:00. It really is quite disgusting when you really think about it. Any given day there are 3-5 angles on Russia/Trump, that really can't be proven but they are being reported as fact.

Why is the media doing this?

This is a great question, there really has no answer I've read that's worth a damn. I think the short answer is because Hillary lost and I think that is what this all boils down to. She lost and they can't stand it, so they want to discredit President Trump as much as possible. Anyone can see that. But why is it a big deal? I mean, It's four years, not a lifetime. With the way he is being attacked, you'd think it was a lifetime. I've been thinking about this for awhile and have been jotting down notes here and there on this topic. The answer is branding. Yes, it is as simple as that, branding.

Former Director Comey's Testimony

It's been Russia, Russia, Russia for months now. Democrats have said repeatedly President Trump is under investigation. He isn't under investigation. The investigation is if people in his campaign worked with Russia to get him elected. So far, there is no evidence of that. Former Director Comey said today that he is not under investigation and he had told President Trump 3 times that he isn't under investigation. Former Director Comey was fired because he refused to let the American people know that. President Trump didn't understand why he would publicly go to bat for Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and not him. This is clearly Former Director Comey playing sides.

Former Director Comey also threw Ex-Attorney General Lynch under the bus by admitting that she asked him to refer to #emailgate as a matter and not an investigation. Changing the words changes the meaning I think. Former Director Comey should have told her no and indicted Former Secretary of State Hillary. Furthermore, there was no indictment of Former Secretary of State Hillary because there were other meetings between Former President Clinton and Former Attorney General Lynch to have the investigation suppressed. @saracarterdc of Circa News is going to report that there were more meetings and I wouldn't be surprised if Former President Obama knew or suggested it. So, the next few weeks will be interesting, to say the least.

President Trump Withdraws From The Paris Climate Agreement

President Trump is withdrawing the United States from The Paris Climate Agreement. Despite what you are hearing via the MSM let's look at why he is doing this and it stems from an "America First" policy.

The Agreement is less about the environment and more about shifting wealth, it costs the United States jobs and money. Now, I'm sure you've heard that we just can't leave the agreement but there is a loophole that we can jump through. When President Obama signed this, he did so without going through Congress because he knew that it'd be DOA (dead on arrival). He did not follow the proper chain of approval and after President Trump sends this to the Senate, it will die there, thus resulting in the United States getting out.

President Trump Makes Media Look Stupid with "Covfefe" Tweet

President Trump has yet again, trolled the media this week like he does every week but this week was different. Shortly after returning from his 9-day trip, he put out a tweet that says "Despite the constant negative press covfefe". Of course, immediately like cock work the MSM goes apeshit over this and starts poking fun, with the "sheeple" of the world right on their heels repeating everything they say.

There were all kinds of phrase using the term "covfefe" and even hillBAT got involved. So, the MSM, sheeple, and hillBAT have trolled President Trump over this in return for him trolling them. He has made them look like fools.

Using Google translate "covfefe" means "I will stand up". "Despite the negative press, I will stand up". Trump is a mastermind and he knew the MSM would go apeshit over this. They did and sheeple were commenting on Facebook and Twitter with "It's a typo or our President is so stupid". If you are a social media user, you saw the reaction first hand.