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Kirk Cousins' spurning of the New York Jets for the Minnesota Vikings in free agency during the offseason allowed Gang Green to draft Sam Darnold. On Sunday afternoon in Week 7 action, it was Cousins who came out on top as the Vikings defeated the Jets 37-17 at MetLife Stadium. Neither quarterback... Read More

Something special may have come from last nights special performance and build up at US Bank Stadium Monday night in Minneapolis. The Vikings Offense Coincedentally Randy Moss gets induced into the presigous Vikings Ring of Honor, flaunting that purple jacket .While two active Vikings recievers (w... Read More

It wasn’t one of the Vikings’ prettiest victories, but a win is a win is a win. Latavius Murray rushed for 155 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries for the Vikings’ 31st-ranked rushing game as Minnesota beat Arizona 27-17. Receiver Adam Thielen had his sixth consecutive 100-yard game, catching 11 p... Read More

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Manzana Fence Rebuild

<h1>Manzana Fence Rebuild</h1>

My mom, Evelyn, lives in Colorado Springs and at the turn of the year, they had 75mph winds that caused all kinds of trouble for fence owners and anybody with a roof. I was unaware of what was happening because I live 2 hours north but she called me and said, "I need help". I asked what was going on and she said her fence blew over. She then told me about the winds and all the details.

She asked if we could fix it and I said sure we could. What we decided though was to see if the homeowner's insurance would fix it. As you've probably guessed they said no and a fence builder gave her an estimate that was for part of the fence (just the parts that blew over). I can't remember exactly his quote but I knew we could do it for cheaper than that and do the whole thing, not just parts.

I went down and took some measurements and we got started. We actually with a good clean up of the area and by removing the old fence. While most of it was down, there were some posts to remove, etc. Next, we rented an auger and drilled some holes and set our posts in concrete. Then the rails went up, followed by all the pickets. We also built two gates for easier yard access. Other than losing 4 days to weather, we had things wrapped up in less than 10 days.

I tried to take pictures often to document but I did miss some days.




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