Not long ago me and the wife topped off the garden area with some bird houses. She likes having the birds around and hopefully with any luck we will get some birds. So, I made three bird houses and mounted them on top of 4"x4" posts. Our garden area is basically hazelnut (off-white), so everything was pre-painted by us before doing this. The houses were easy to build. They just have a 1"x2" frame... Read More

Time to add the finish layer to the bench seat. Normally, I would do this after painting but since this bench has ornate curves, that is difficult to do. Each board has been cut to fit. Otherwise, I would paint then stain the seat are and attach it after the fact. I had some #2 red oak left over from a job from years ago. I always thought oak flooring on a bench or chair would be nice. Well, here... Read More

Next, I'll build the framework for the seat. I'm using 1"x4" pine (It's what I had laying around), although this is what I'd use anyway. Since the front of the bench legs are pointing out slightly, I'll get my width measurement from the back where the legs are attached to the headboard. I can't remember off hand what my measurement was but I'll cut two boards at this length. After stapling the fi... Read More

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Long Mont Velo Build P08 Bike Shelves
Long Mont Velo Build P08 Bike Shelves

The very last part of the Long Mont Velo Build was to build some bike shelves for Paul. He wanted a couple of shelves to display some of his bikes. Instead of building something typical, I thought I'd try something a little different and if it didn't work our, I could always fall back on typical shelves.

First, I had to glue some 2"x12" pine boards together with dowel rods. A few days later they were ready to build upon. I came up with a pattern and traced that onto my boards and cut them out with a jig saw. I got out the router and cleaned up the edges and gave them a nice finish.

Next, I built the base of each shelf. These are just basic rectangular boxes with the side on the back missing. The idea was to mount a 2"x4" to the wall and then mount the shelf to that creating a floating design. After getting these done and caulked, I painted them flat black. While those were drying I gave the shelves themselves a couple of coats of ebony stain.

I wanted the finished look to be a stained top with a painted bottom. I have to say these turned out well and only took a week to do with build times and dry times.

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Long Mont Velo Build P07 Flooring

Yesterday was the most exhausting day I have ever had I think. I installed 1000sq' of laminate hard wood floor. I didn't plan on doing the floors as Paul was going to stain the floor. He decided to only stain the back work/storage area and then install hardwood flooring over the rest. I like doing hardwood floor, although I'm not excited about laminate flooring as I am a real hardwood floor guy. However, if done right, this floor always looks nice and is a lot cheaper than the real deal.

I didn't shoot to get this done in one day, but I did. It took me 12 hrs of going non stop (only stopped for lunch) to do it. Paul's shop is about a 30 min drive and I had things to do the next day and didn't want to leave it for basically 3 days as Paul was trying to get moved in. So, i sucked it up and got it done. What helped is not having any issues during install. Everything went great.