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John R. Sherwood
Democrats Running Their Agenda Regardless
Democrats Running Their Agenda Regardless

If you're paying attention to what's happening, you realize that Democrats are running the agenda not matter who is in office. I'm referring to stories being run since President Trump was elected, Russia, Racist, Incompetence, Etc. The Media/Democrats alternate between these stories when they have pounded one of them into the ground repeatedly.


Since hillBAT lost, she put forth the Russian angle and the media have run with it. I think the reasons are two fold but only one needed to be applied, 01: To tie President Trump to Russia, 02: To create a war with Russia. As you've witnessed neither has worked and have failed miserably. I believe that if hillBAT were elected, she would be pushing for war with Russia, for money, it would weaken us and open us up for other negative things to happen, either abroad or here on our shores. It's hard to devote full attention to a threat when we are at war with Russia.

Since President Trump was elected and hillBAT wasn't, the "Russia Meddled, He cheated" angle was chosen. If she had been elected, the "Russia Meddled" would be played but with a different agenda. The agenda being, we are going to war because they meddled. Several people against President Trump have said "Russia meddling is an act of war", including hillBAT.


The Media/Democrats also keep going back to "President Trump is racist". Removal of statues and such is how the Media/Democrats are pushing this. If you take President Trump out of it, the agenda would be the same because the Media/Democrats want a Hitler type country. You can see the agenda plain as day. The Media/Democrats are already likening Nazi's/White Supremacists to the KKK. Both groups aren't the same and their motives are different but if you can tie both groups together, you can tie Trump to being a Nazi. What is sad is that people actually buy this shit.

Imagine if hillBAT was elected, the removal of statues, etc, would still be happening. This would be happening for a couple of reasons, 01: She wants complete dominance over people/she is power/money hungry, 02: To get closer to creating a Nazi Germany kind of country. That is the Democratic agenda and has been for a long time. If you do research, not only do you read about their agenda but you read a lot of similarities between Democrats and Hitler.

Hitler removed statues/Democrats are pushing for it. Hitler suppressed free speech/Democrats are pushing for it. Hitler aligned with Muslims/Democrats have done that. The similarities go on and on. The interesting thing though is that the Media/Democrats are using their own followers to accomplish this. By doing this they can eliminate being accused solely of doing it themselves.

The Media/Democrats have already made healthcare government owned, which gives them control over you by literally making it unaffordable for people. Making it unaffordable makes them poorer, which in turn makes them get on a government program to help them. Once they are on the program, the government can then control everything about them in that category. If you look around it isn't hard to see the Media/Democrats agenda at work.

The Media/Democrats want a nation of helpless idiots who will jump when they say jump. They got the 1st piece when Obama was elected but they never counted on President Trump being elected. Thank god he was.

This is an opinion piece, what is yours, comment below...

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