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Welcome to my new "reviews" section of the site. I'll be doing album/cinema reviews. So, onto my first review.

I've recently watched "In the Deep" (aka 47 Meters Down). Before I review this, The history of this movie is strange as in how it's being brought to the surface. "In the Deep" went straight to DVD in the summer of 2016, August to be exact but it is being released in theaters in the summer of 2017. Studios are trying to capitalize on the success of "The Shallows" with "47 Meters Down". So, a studio bought the rights and changed the title for a theatrical release.

With all that said, let us review this thing.


"47 Meters Down" stars Mandy Moore and Claire Holt. The other actors are good but these two are the notables in the movie. So, two girls (Moore, Holt) are in Mexico on a trip. Holt travels the world, while Moore is a safe person. They are both talked into going on a cage dive in great white shark waters. Holt is all for this while Moore is reluctant but she agrees to go.

So, Mr. Wednesday 13 has a new record out... FINALLY. I can never have enough W13 in the playlist. I and the daughter love his music and we always go see him when he is in Colorado, which will be June 18 2017...

I've started this new website and reviews of both music and cinema is something I'm going to be doing. My first will be W13's new album "Condolences". It's been 3 years since his last effort "Monsters of the Universe" and it is a great follow up for him.

As always W13 grows from his last album to this one and this one is a little darker than the last, not lyric wise but music wise. We still get the kickass campy song "Cruel To You" but the rest are full of great music as well. I'm doing a review of each song and you can preview them below.


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