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Copper Roofed Bird Houses

Not long ago me and the wife topped off the garden area with some bird houses. She likes having the birds around and hopefully with any luck we will get some birds.

So, I made three bird houses and mounted them on top of 4"x4" posts. Our garden area is basically hazelnut (off-white), so everything was pre-painted by us before doing this. The houses were easy to build. They just have a 1"x2" frame and then some old pickets (I picked up from a junk house in colorado springs), for the siding. I then topped them off with some copper I got from home depot. The copper does have a finish on it, so it won't patina for us but that's alright. Future houses will be raw copper I think.

There really isn't anything special here about them but birds can make them homes and they will be loaded with bird seed. Wel the two with platforms will be, the other one won't have bird seed.


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