Not long ago me and the wife topped off the garden area with some bird houses. She likes having the birds around and hopefully with any luck we will get some birds. So, I made three bird houses and mounted them on top of 4"x4" posts. Our garden area is basically hazelnut (off-white), so everything was pre-painted by us before doing this. The houses were easy to build. They just have a 1"x2" frame... Read More

Time to add the finish layer to the bench seat. Normally, I would do this after painting but since this bench has ornate curves, that is difficult to do. Each board has been cut to fit. Otherwise, I would paint then stain the seat are and attach it after the fact. I had some #2 red oak left over from a job from years ago. I always thought oak flooring on a bench or chair would be nice. Well, here... Read More

Next, I'll build the framework for the seat. I'm using 1"x4" pine (It's what I had laying around), although this is what I'd use anyway. Since the front of the bench legs are pointing out slightly, I'll get my width measurement from the back where the legs are attached to the headboard. I can't remember off hand what my measurement was but I'll cut two boards at this length. After stapling the fi... Read More

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Another Skeleton Bone Tutorial
Another Skeleton Bone Tutorial

So, I had great luck with my other bone (for my 1st one). I thought I'd make another one. I decided to change the theme of it. Last time it was more or less a "been the woods, decomposing for awhile" bone. This time I thought I'd a "just been removed bone". Something that still has tendons/muscle attached.

My supply list has changed as my process has changed. When I was doing the last one, I was making a mental list on what I could use that would be better/easier to work with.

Before I used saran wrap for my texture layer. The problem is that it wasn't stretchy and didn't shirnk enough in the right places. So, this time I used furniture/packing shrink wrap. What I liked about it was that it stretched around my bone a lot better than the saran wrap. It also shrank better/faster.

As I mentioned, my supply list has changed and here it is:
01: PVC pipe (any length will do, i used a scrap piece that is about 13" long)
02: 2x90° PVC Pipe
03: Furniture/Shrink Wrap (any brand)
04: Foil (any brand)
05: Paints (browns, yellows, reds etc)
06: Black/Brown Spray Paint (browns, yellows, reds etc)
07: Tape (anykind)

Tools Needed:
01: Heat Gun (can be bought anywhere)
02: Pipe Cutters (cutters, saw)

As in my first tutorial, attach the 90° angles to the pipe. I didn't line up my angle pieces because having them slightly off, gives it a more realistic look.

Wrap the ends in foil, creating a bone like shape on each end. I shaped my foil different as well for a more realistic appearance. After this, tape the ends of the foil to the bone. This helps it from moving around and makes a more solid bone in the end.

Next, you can shrink wrap this thing. Have someone help you. The tighter you can get this wrapped, the better. Turn side or side a few times, then end over end a few times. After this, get your heat gun and apply heat to any areas stinking up or any areas that you want to re-shape. You should begin to see the shape of a bone. I will video this process next time.

Last time I stained the bone. I had an issue with the stain sticking and looking like a good base coat. I thought this time I would spray paint it. I used flat black paint and this worked a lot better. It didn't dry all the way but it was lightly tacky when I started painting. Letting it dry completely wouldn't be a bad thing but starting when I did, didn't hurt either. TIP: spray one side and use your heat gun on low, to speed up the dry process. Apply a little heat, don't over do it.

After the black paint, I brushed ona mix paint of red, white and brown, to make a pinkish kind of color. At this point what was in my mind (at the start) and what came out, ended up being completely different. That's okay though. Part of the reason these are fun, is that you get to make them up as you go.

Eventually, I ended up with this. Not to bad I think. The video below shows more of the process. Like I mentioned above, I went for a "just out of the body" kind of look and I think I achieved that. The trick for this is to let the shrink wrap dictate the tendon/muscle tissue. In my case, the higher parts are the tendon and the lower parts are the muscle.

Finished Project

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Skeleton Bone Tutorial

Hello, this is my Human Bone Tutorial.

Before I begin, I watched a few different tutorials online to get a basic idea of how to do this. I only needed a basic idea because this kind of thing is really driven by imagination.